Sustaining Grace Outreach Center Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization working within the community, helping individuals and families in need.

Serving our community since 2006…

Psalm 37:24- Though he falls, he shall not be utterly cast down; for the Lord upholds him with His hand

Our Vision

We envision a community where God enables us to help transform the lives of those experiencing hunger, homelessness, and other challenging life crises. We strive to eradicate the stigma of homelessness. We will encourage a community inclusive of all, regardless of origin, gender, race, and social economic status.

Our Mission

Sustaining Grace Outreach Center serves to empower, educate, and enhance physical and mental wholeness in family relationships. To address the needs of men, women, and children experiencing hunger, homelessness, and other life crises, we provide support services to people who are motivated to change their lives and achieve self-sufficiency.


Dr. Masheila Taylor,

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Masheila Taylor, Ph.D. is the founder and CEO of Sustaining Grace Outreach Center in Spring Valley, California. She is a highly trained professional with more than 17 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations, community services, and nutrition programs.Over the past 17 years, Dr. Taylor has devoted her life to the homeless and hungry in San Diego County. She is the recipient of several outstanding leadership awards, which speaks of her hard work and dedication to the community.

Dr. Taylor, has served on the advisory committee for Feeding America San Diego and was also part of a PSA in which She was featured in a commercial for “The Fight Against Hunger”As the CEO of Sustaining Grace Outreach Center, Dr. Taylor continues to find new creative approaches to help those in need.

Ms. Carmen Eaddy, MA

Executive Director

Ms. Carmen Eaddy is the Executive Director of the Sustaining Grace Outreach Center. She comes with over a decade of experience working with non-profit organizations, in the role of fund-raising, marketing, community events, and nutritional services.  Ms. Eaddy brings an effective blend of experience, compassion, understanding and empathy to the counseling process. Her skill set helps in maximizing positive outcomes, while providing healing and wholeness to individuals seeking guidance. As the Executive Director, Ms. Eaddy provides a safe, nonjudgmental, and nurturing atmosphere in which individuals can be supported in their efforts and desires to voice their concerns. Individuals are empowered to help identify, resolve their issues and become self- sufficient.

Tommy Y. Taylor


Mr. Taylor has served within the armed forces as a Vietnam Veteran and he has dedicated years to helping the homeless and hungry of San Diego. Mr. Taylor holds a degree in business management and brings extensive experience of leadership and management to Sustaining Grace Outreach Center. As the Chief financial officer, he is responsible for the oversight of accounting and financial operations.

Diane Pittman


Ms. Pittman brings years of leadership and stainability to the team. Ms. Pittman has years of experience working with nonprofit organizations in program development and management. Ms. Pittman is distinguished by her passion for business, her focus on collaborative team building and commitment to take a vision and make it a reality through sound development. She is an inspirational leader that inspires action.



Mr. Zaragoza comes with years of experience working with nonprofit organizations. As a Certified Addictions Counselor Mr. Zaragoza understands the need for change in the lives of those who struggle with homelessness and addiction. His dedication to those in need continues to provide support and management.